Advice Worker – Jo!

Advice Worker – Jo!


My name is Jo and I am one of the advice workers at Sandwell Consortium. Working in partnership with various Children Centres across the Borough, I provide advice and assistance on a wide range of areas of case work e.g. from suspension of possession order, mandatory reconsideration/ appeals, preparing submissions and representation.

The service which we provide aims to increase the economy by ensuring families are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to in order to alleviate poverty by maximising income. I actively liaise with the family support and outreach workers at the centres, as well as other organisations including revenue & benefit, utility suppliers and bailiffs to help individuals find solutions to issues they are experiencing in their life.

As an advisor it is vital to know about welfare rights & benefits as I have the responsibility of providing information and advice that is accurate. I love doing the job that I do as we can make a real difference to the lives of the people we come across on a daily basis; and the support we provide results in families having a better standard of living.

We hope to continue making a difference to the community by continuing to work closely with the children centres and by exploring the needs of families in order to tailor the service to the individual; and provide appropriate services if and when required.

If you, a friend or a family member require advice and support take a look at the timetable on our website to find the Children Centre which is nearest to you and book yourself an appointment. As well as English, advice can be provided in Bengali and Punjabi as me and my colleagues are fluent in all 3 languages. Also keep your eyes on our website as we will keep you up to date with any new changes and important information.