Better Off Sandwell

Better Off Sandwell

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As part of our joined up approach to tackling poverty and building financial resilience in Sandwell, we are launching a new website: BetterOff Sandwell

BetterOff Sandwell will help residents to:

  • access advice on benefits and ways to improve their job opportunities
  • apply for welfare benefits
  • find work that pays and record their job search activity
  • See how their money changes when they move into work

It will complement the face to face advice and support that you provide, alongside  other local advice providers such as Think Sandwell.

BetterOff Sandwell will

  • provide an additional source of information and support for those residents who are more able to help themselves
  • help those who are not able to access day time advice services
  • bring together a full range of information all in one place, helping residents to save time.
It is free and very easy to use.

Please help us to make BetterOff Sandwell a success by creating a BetterOff account for yourself (you can do this in a couple of simple steps via Facebook, Google, email or on your mobile phone) and then encourage your service users to set up their own BetterOff Sandwell account so that they can keep on top of their budgeting, job search etc.

For more information contact Heather Chinner: | 0121 569 3020