CSCS card pays dividends!

CSCS card pays dividends!


Liam, struggled at school and left without any qualifications. After a series of unskilled, low-paid jobs he was unemployed with little prospect of finding a job or providing a home for his girlfriend and their baby.

Liam came along to the Friar Park Project job club but was despondent that he didn’t meet the qualification level required by employers and was not hopeful that help was available..

The CSCS green card which allows people to work as labourers on construction sites.  Having been told that he was dyslexic, although not formally diagnosed, but being very practical task orientated he was encouraged to try for the qualification. The first step was to pass the pre-course assessment, which he did with flying colours.

The TOPPS training instructors were so impressed with his knowledge and abilities he completed the course in record time and gained his CSCS green card. Although it was another 6 months before he returned to Job Club to have an updated CV which, with his CSCS card enabled him to apply for one of the 8 Labourer vacancies on the Carillion, Midland Metropolitan Hospital site.

He wasn’t too hopeful, at the interview,  but asked “for a chance” and thanks to the far-sighted Carillion recruitment team they have done just that,  given him “a chance” !

Liam started work the very next day and is now looking forward to Christmas with good money in his pocket and hopefully a home of their own in the new year.

Anyone living in the Friar Park Project area, applying to the TOPPS CSCS card course, is eligible for help with travel and subsistence costs.

For more information please contact Janet Foster, Community Co-ordinator on  07867952774 or by email