New Team Member!

New Team Member!


Gurjinder Shergill known as Gurj – Financial Capability Worker

Gurj is based in Friar Park to help those who are having a difficult time managing their finances, which can range from problems budgeting their money and problems with debt, bills and payments. Gurj is here to help people manage better and have a positive outlook regarding their money and helping them feel positive about managing what money they have making sure that priority bills are paid and that through savvy shopping there is enough money to last the week.

Gurj started work as a vehicle technician and is currently restoring a 1956 Morris Minor, although he would love to have a Mk2 Volkswagen – so if you know of one going spare………!

He then moved into business development , moved on to become a volunteer with Sandwell Financial Services Hub and is delighted to be joining  the team and is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

He is a Chelsea fan and has been since 1995 and  he also supports Lazio an Italian club.   He loves reading and is a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and his favourite author is Chris Mooney.

Gurjinder is full – time and his post is funded through the Lottery. 

He can be contacted on 07956 557461 or by email at