Kusba Begum – BWA

Kusba Begum – BWA

Kusba BegumKusba lives with her husband and 2 young children. She has spent many years sitting at home as she had limited English speaking skills and this made her feel less confident with communicating with others. Kusba regards her health as ‘generally good’; however she would like to lose some weight.

“I did not know what to do and where to go for to become healthy and fit.”

Kusba attended the Yoga and Healthy Cooking activities organised through the STEP programme. Both activities encouraged her to get out of her house and meet new people whilst increasing her knowledge around a healthy diet and being able to share recipes and ideas with her new friends.

Prior to the STEP Programme, Kusba had a limited network and did not do much physical activity; however this has all changed. She has incorporated the physical activity into her daily life by going for walks with her friends in the local park, and feels healthier and much more confident about herself, giving her a new found sense of independence.

“I have built up my confidence to do things for myself. Whilst the children are at school, I have got lots of spare time on my hands and need to do something which is good for me and my family. I am planning to join a childminding course.”