Laura Price – BWA

Laura Price – BWA

Laura Price is a mother of 3, living in the Princes End area of Tipton. Laura considers her health as “generally good”, but wanted to do activities which would make her feel healthier and make new friends. Laura was offered the opportunity to attend the Boxercise activity which was delivered by Bangladeshi Women’s Association (BWA) at the Jubilee centre.

“I did not really mix much with others until I came here and did the activities. I am happy that I came here, as I have really benefitted. I have had the chance to do a lot of other things that I would not have done otherwise.”

In addition to the physical activity, Laura was offered 1:1 mentoring support in order work with her in increasing her self-esteem. As a result she started volunteering and assisted with the Credit Union surgeries and Summer Play Schemes at the community centre.

Prior to engaging onto the STEP programme, Laura was unemployed and had no qualifications. Her social life and networks were limited as she had been focusing on her children. However, she has now secured a part-time job with Fitness First and seeing her potential in one of the fitness sessions, Black Country Emotions have offered her training worth £900 to equip her with the relevant qualification so that she can deliver running sessions.

“I feel that by doing something positive, I value myself a lot more and feel happier. I enjoy socialising with other people and I am happy with my job at Fitness First. I am looking forward to leading the running sessions for Black Country Emotions”.Laura Price

(Laura Price – bottom left)