Membership benefits

Membership benefits

Opportunity, Negotiating Power and Funding

  • To be able to organise formally (and to be able to demonstrate that organisation), to maximise the different areas of expertise of members to be able to compete for larger public service tenders and contracts locally, sub regionally, regionally. Maximising economies of scale whilst not losing touch with local need.
  • Increase prospects for securing access to funding regionally, nationally & European.
  • Enabling greater negotiating & bargaining power through increased scale and capacity.
  • Enhancing each member organisations’ competitiveness with the external funding Environment and adding to their track record as a separate organisation.
  • Create a single, unified point of contracting i.e. increase attractiveness to contractors/funders and potential suppliers of services.

Strategic Capability

  • To enable a more structured approach to partnership working. Improving strategic planning through more co-ordinated policy development and operational service delivery that informs & shapes the separate aims & direction of each member organisation.
  • To establish a more focused, concerted and sustainable research and development capacity through a cross organisational infrastructure, leading new & improved ways of working, sharing services and shred practice.
  • Enable greater & wider joint needs assessment and service and project planning.
  • Improvements in efficiency & ‘technical’ benefits through efficient contract management. e.g. by enable opportunities for contractual output trading between members.


  • Meet service users’ needs more effectively by increasing provider capacity.
  • Enabling more effective & efficient cross-organisational quality monitoring implementation.
  • A greater focusing on sustaining services and enhancing the ability over time to measure the impact of services. Encouraging the sharing of expertise and good practice.
  • Facilitate greater opportunity for cross-organisational localised service delivery.

Image and Profile

  • Increase marketing capacity, the marketing &promotional activity undertaken member organisations supplemented by consortium-wide actions.
  • Extend / heighten member organisations’ public profile.

Resource Use

  • Generate economies of scale and efficiency through the rationalisation of resources.
  • Free up member organisations to maintain, consolidate and enhance their core focus on frontline delivery by transferring, some aspects of ‘bureaucratic requirement’ to a specialised enabling Consortium support infrastructure.