Our Impact

Our Impact


Gwendoline Pearce-Lyall (Health Walk – BWA)
“I am feeling involved within the local community and feel much happier.”

Melissa Fox (Come Dine with Neighbours – BWA)
“I wanted a healthy lifestyle and to cook healthy food for my children. Through the Come Dine with Neighbours course I managed to learn off others of different ways of cooking healthy dishes.”

“I enjoyed the sessions because they were free, in a nice friendly atmosphere, and they helped me a lot. I got to meet a lot of people as well.”

Husneara Parvin (Informal English – BIC)
“Staying at home just depresses me, so I enjoy getting up in the mornings now to come to your centre or other centres to learn something new.”

Nazia Tabassum (ESOL for Health – Brushstrokes)
“Now I know how make an appointment to the doctor or dentist. Now I can ask questions and give answers.”

Zaraah Muharaam (Informal English Language – YCA)
“I started ESOL classes at the YCA. I feel that they have made a difference. Before I couldn’t speak or read English and now I feel more confident that I can speak better English”.

Glinis Harris (Extend – WBACRC)
“I haven’t laughed so much in a long time! I really enjoy coming. It’s like a big family where you become a part of something – it’s become part of my life”.

Iblal Muhammed (Football – SYCC)
“I really enjoyed myself, I feel like I’m more social and in touch with the local community”.

Rawinder Kaur (Healthy Cooking for Parents – SYCC)
“I started to replicate the recipes at home for myself and my family and making sure the ingredients are organic and fresh”.

Adalat Khan (Men’s Multi Sports – SPMA)
“I made many changes within my lifestyle which benefited me and my family. I have noticed I no longer get tired or breathless easily as it has increased my fitness levels”.

Shafiq Sharif (Informal ESOL – CCF)
“Thank you very much for teaching me English. I find it easier to communicate with people and I don’t feel as nervous as I used to”.