Better Health Programme

Better Health Programme

The Better Health Programme (BHP) aims to address the inequalities affecting Sandwell residents through Language support, as well as raising awareness around key health issues i.e. the importance of sugar reduction in different communities across the Borough.

Language for Better Health
Through our delivery partners, we offer a range of free language support through a mix of Formal and Informal styles of learning, both in and out of the classroom.

The type of support offered is dependent on the needs of the individual which may include, but is not limited to:

  • ESOL
  • Support with goals around day to day living (shopping, using public transport, making friends)
  • Support with GP registration
  • Support with Dentist registration
  • Support with Health Checks
  • Support to get a NI number
  • Support to get an EHIC card
  • Support with independently accessing services
  • One-to-One support
  • Group sessions

The aim is to improve the English language of individuals engaged on the project in speaking, listening and reading skills in order to give them the confidence to be more
independent, and make the most out of the opportunities they have living in the UK.

Knowledge For Better Health

Our aim is to raise awareness of key health issues affecting residents in Sandwell and support them to make healthy life choices. We do this by providing a range of opportunities to get involved in informative and interactive projects – delivered by our partners in community settings.

Our current focus is on healthy eating – in particular sugar reduction. Please contact us if you would like information about projects taking place in your area.


To be eligible for the project the individual must:

          ☐ Be a Sandwell resident
          ☐ Have little or no English speaking skills (Pre-entry level, Entry Level 1, 2 and 3)

Click Here for a list of delivery partners